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Unmatched expertise.

Measurable growth.

Companies need a wide variety of business disciplines to succeed, and best practices from other industries need to be tailored to the powersports industry. If you're looking for a full spectrum of business services to help your company grow, acquire, design, promote or comply with regulations you've come to the right place.


Services for Industry Manufacturers and Service Providers


New Business Development



  •  Efficiently develop an expert go-to-market strategy including financial projections, competitive analysis and introductions to key personnel

  • Strategic Market Research for New Business Development or Mergers and Acquisitions including suppliers and OEMs

  • Brainstorming new product ideas and adjacencies

  • OEM and Aftermarket Tier 1 and Tier 2 Sales Consulting

  • Success with major suppliers and major Powersports OEMs

  • Decades of experience with major product launches

  • Powersports manufacturing start-ups and new product lines

  • "The" go-to source for OEMs and suppliers looking to grow their sales

Expert Witness



Gary Gustafson, President of G-Force Consulting Inc, is now available to serve as an expert witness in cases involving ATVs, UTVs, Snowmobiles or Motorcycles. Particular areas of expertise include: the powersports market, technology, electrical system failures, intellectual property, product development, unique characteristics about the industry, best practices, and more. Please use the Contact Us page on this website to reach out.

Design, Validation and Root Cause Analysis of ATV, Snowmobile and Motorcycle systems



  • Root cause analysis of catastrophic failures

  • Accelerated Life Testing

  • Application of best practices

  • SAE, ANSI - SVIA, etc. certification testing

  • Equipment engaged includes: Yokogawa scopecorder, Lester high-capacity discharge station for electric vehicles, industrial thermometers, multimeters, and other equipment can be rented as needed

Primary Oils Market Research
Primary Market Research


"Don't judge a man by his answers, judge him by his questions." Voltaire

Attending events, riding, observing and surveying other riders and dealers with a trained eye and ear. Maintaining contact by phone with the leading dealers for each brand. The art of asking the right questions is a skill that takes years to develop. It is also important to distinguish between the necessity of providing Data, Analytics and expert Insights (as described in this blog) for decision-making purposes. For an in-depth look at how to obtain best-in-class primary market research regarding products in the Motorcycle, ATV, UTV, Snowmobile or Personal Water Craft markets click here: Learn More

Strategic Planning and Keynote Speaking


Help your staff understand the powersports industry. Understand new product opportunities. Brainstorm solutions that are new to the industry. Gain an expert understanding of the market including pricing, customer needs, margins and competitors' strengths and weaknesses. Strategic planning and keynote speaking by Gary Gustafson will be an experience you and your employees will benefit from for years to come.  

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