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The DNA of Powersports

See how Gary Gustafson has steered the industry

The best track record in all of powersports consulting!


Here are some quick facts about Gary Gustafson
  • In "New Theory of Everything" blogs for outlined how to excite new riders to get into off-roading, get land owners to pay for riders to access their property, and run the business without inventory so more money is freed up to spend on design and marketing.

  • One of the first people to drive the first Polaris Ranger ever built and handled electrical system design and general problem solving on the Ranger UTV program from it's inception in the mid-1990s through 2003. 

  • Holder of five United States Patents including the patents for Ride Command and RiderX with more pending.

  • Mentored the business start-up that won the 2018 Motorcycle Industry Council Gas Tank competition.

  • Won the 2005 "New Snowmobile Technology of the Year" award from American Snowmobiler for the Cat Comm 2-way radio and entertainment system .

  • A member of the Motorcycle Industry Council since 2010.

  • G-Force Consulting has had more than 80 professional clients since it's inception in 2005.

  • One of the first two writers hired by when it debuted. Also wrote articles and sold advertising for Dirt Trax, Supertrax, Bear Hunting Magazine, Bowhunting World, and many other publications.

  • In 27 years has served as an engineering supervisor, Director of Marketing, primary market researcher, purchasing consultant, professional writer, executive recruiter, program manager, dealer development representative, expert witness and acquisition due diligence consultant -- everything but a CEO!

  • Helped launch hybrid gas - electric UTVs, motorcycle oils, UTV and ATV cargo racks, utility UTVs, new CVTs, 1000cc engines, UTV SxS seatbelts and safety harnesses, lithium batteries, seat and grip heaters, UTV cabs, GPS Navigation systems, snowmobile clothing, Snowmobile cylinder rebuild kits, and much much more

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