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Specializing in Supply Chain Solutions For OEMs

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"Gary's industry connections and knowledge have been a tremendous asset to me and my company, and I would recommend him to anyone looking for M&A analysis in the powersports industry."

Riley Harlan, President
Symtec Inc
makers of Heat Demons Accessories
"Gary is especially knowledgeable of OEM/Supplier Relationships"

Reg Nicoson, President
EarthX Batteries
"At Shorai we are looking for in depth knowledge and research about the power sports battery market. From speaking with Gary and reading his battery report we were able to gain that knowledge. We are also working on other projects going forward with Gary based off of information from his report and discussions with him. I would recommend Gary as an expert to anyone who works in power sports." 

Kevin Riley, Exec. VP of Sales and Mktg, 
Shorai Battery
 Connecting supply chain decision makers in the exciting powersports and O.P.E. markets

  • OEMs can find best-in-class solutions among G-Force Consulting suppliers, which are winning awards for innovation, cost reduction, quality and on-time delivery throughout the world.
  • Suppliers can employ G-Force to develop an expert go-to-market strategy or for OEM Account Management
  • Strategic Market Research for New Business Development or Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Brainstorming new product ideas and adjacencies
  • OEM and Aftermarket Tier 1 and Tier 2 Sales Consulting
  • Success with major Automotive Suppliers and major Powersports OEMs
  • 22 Years of Experience with major programs and launches
  • Powersports manufacturing start-ups and new product lines
  • The go-to source for suppliers looking to grow their sales and OEMs or aftermarket buyers and engineers looking for solutions

"Gary was instrumental in providing the engineering support necessary to develop the Polaris ATV and Snowmobile gauge. Without his support, the development of such a device would have been much more time consuming and difficult...it became the highest-selling mini-cluster VDO ever sold."

Sam Reeves
Continental VDO