Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Business
New Product and Business Development
"In my estimation--electric and hybrid drive trains will power as much as 60-70% of all off-road vehicles by model year 2016"--Gary Gustafson, President of G-Force Consulting Inc.

G-Force Consulting's expertise on these types of systems along with off-road vehicle and ATV design is grounded in decades of experience and empowered by a strong drive to remain a leader in this field. Constant involvement in new product development, continuing education, supplier visits and partnerships gives us a basis in powersports management to help your company capitalize on new technologies today. Click here to see our list of EV-related clients.
Hybrid ATV Design
Design Solutions

Turn-key, bumper-to-bumper electric drive train and electrical system design--the most experience in the industry. We offer expertise in the snowmobile, ATV, and motorcycle engineering markets.

Experienced in utilizing lightweight materials and engaged in continual learning to be aware of new design opportunities to reduce mechanical parasitics i.e. brake drag, stiction, reduce rolling resistance and other key parameters.

Optimized electrical efficiency i.e. cable ampacity, acceleration curve, battery pack design and maintenance.

De-bugging product problems

“Cross-pollination” advantage with other vehicle types from snowmobiles to motorcycles
Motorcycle Engineering
G-Force Consulting Inc.
Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Consulting
Understand EV Regulatory Requirements:

Experience meeting requirements for NEVs, MSVs, LSVs per 49 CFR 571.500

Acquire a database on the LSV and MSV regulations in all 50 states—updated frequently

NEV America testing familiarity

Knowledgeable of pending CPSC UTV standards that may obsolete some current UTV designs
Voltage Analysis - Motorcycle Engineering
Powersports Management
ATV Design Drive Train Development
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"“Gary has well-rounded experience in the powersports industry, and his expertise with electric vehicle systems proved particularly valuable. We relied on him to deliver on-time and he was a key partner for us.”

Matthew Simister
Engineering Manager, Primary Transmissions
Fallbrook Technologies Corporation

G-Force Consulting Inc specializes in all aspects of the electric and hybrid-electric powersports vehicle business. When a new product comes on the market, there's a good chance G-Force Consulting has been involved with it's success. I have direct design experience, market research, dealer development and industry analysis success with several major brands and platforms including Polaris, Stealth, Bad Boy Buggies and E-Z-GO. Employ G-Force to increase your supplier presence at the OEMs, specify, develop and test prototypes, de-bug and troubleshoot product problems, understand the consumers in this market, overcome dealer development issues and more!